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IKEA Hack - Home Office

Since leaving my job in November to focus on Craft & Pixel Creative full time, we needed to convert one of the bedrooms into a home office.

Ugh! What an eyesore. This part of the house became a "catch-all" room. How can anyone be inspired and creative in a space like this?

I've always been a fan of IKEA hacks and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to design my own. The first step was to hop into a 3D program to make sure everything fits. We went with two BESTA cabinents finished off with 3 LINNMON table tops to fill the entire wall.

We survived another trip to IKEA! The best time to go is on a random Wednesday evening.

Half a gallon of Behr's Hermatite paint, a couple turns of the screwdriver, insert a wooden dowel here and there and boom goes the dynamite!

I wish that were a real Eames chair, but it is just a replica purchased from Hobby Lobby. Our local Anthropologie was closing its doors for good and Trisha scored on this area rug for only $65!

BESTA cabinet holding our camera gear, DJI Phantom 4, external hard drives and printer.

Trisha uses the iMac and I've recently switched back to a PC. As I do more 3D animation and editing in 4k, I needed a workhorse that could keep up with the demands.

My standing desk is positioned on the adjacent wall. I purchased a Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desk Frame from Monoprice and the table top was taken from an old IKEA desk I had been using.

I also purchased IKEA's SIGNUM basket that mounts underneath and helps manage the cords.

Finally, we have our good ol', ever-so-versatile, BILLY bookcases. These bookcases are going on 7 years old and they've been with us the whole way as we moved up and down San Diego over the years. They're holding up very nicely!

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